Leadership: Maxim Ploskonosov

Trading funds

specializing in crypto
currencies and blockchain

Our Story

Cryptographic assets are becoming more and more used in the financial world.

Our fund focuses on investments in blockchain projects while achieving consistently high levels of profit. We offer you to share our success.

Invest in a professionally managed fund — White Castle Capital.

We create. We discover. We multiply.

Core Principles

Hire Extraordinary People

The quality of our staff is largely responsible for the firm’s success and reputation, and is one of the main reasons that exceptional candidates are interested in joining us.

Fuse Traditional Markets and Fintech Expertise

We are highly experienced in financial markets and combine fundamental analysis and crypto know-how. This makes White Castle Capital one of the best managers in the cryptosphere.

We understand our customers’ needs in detail

Even nowadays investing in cryptocurrency can be a challenging task for businesses. So we have created a structure to enable businesses and investors to participate.

Intraday Trading Portfolio

Short-term traded positions (1-2 days) with moderate risk. Only the most liquid instruments are used in intraday trading. With or without leverage and derivatives.

Time horizon:

1-3 months

Expected yield:

10-20% per annum

Medium-term Portfolio

Market growth portfolio

Fixed income portfolio

Algotrading Portfolio

and Protection

Risk management

Risk Mitigation

What differentiates us from most cryptotraders is our rigorous adherence to risks management procedures and principles.

Our risk management committee sets risk management policies and limits, aiming to address:

1. counterparty and exchange risks, and

2. to set trading limits by instrument, strategy, and trader.

Future Uncertainty

Investing in the rapidly developing cryptomarket, the team pays full and continuous attention to the new risks that appear as a result of the changing global regulations, changing trading investment practices, and disruptive influences.

Investment portfolio

Capital under our management has shown double growth with the market falling by 80%. We offer complete, ‘one-stop’ financing solutions and are a preferred lender to leading private equity firms.

Maxim Ploskonosov


Maxim Ploskonosov

Chief Executive Officer

Dear clients of White Castle Capital,

Over time our fund has been showing solid financial results. Our strategies, manual and algorithmic ones, have contributed to performance. The high-tech blockchain sector was suffering from a meltdown in the cryptocurrency market, White Castle Capital showed significant outperformance.

Together we managed not only to survive during a devastating market correction, but gain more expertise and broaden our strategic outlook. We deeply appreciate the trust you place in us to manage your capital and are grateful for the opportunity to continue to do so.

Sincerely, Maxim Ploskonosov

«We differentiate ourselves from other crypto market participants by taking a very disciplined risk management and trading approach usually found in the much larger successful players in the traditional financial market»


Founder of RMG Group, RoboMarketing (technology companies integrating AI, Big Data, ML and Ad Tech technologies) into large brands. Founder of LPgenerator, one of the leading IT service in the Russia.

Winner of mathematical and programming Olympiads. Winner of GSEA 2015. Best IT-entrepreneur 2015 by Google Russia. Professional cryptoinvestor and trader.